Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tutorials in Introductory Physics Homework Solutions

Research publications have hailed the benefits that tutorial in introductory physics accords students particularly those starting out on physics course. Tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions are a series of resources and materials designed to supplement class work and the existing textbooks in physics. They are formulated, not to help the student solve physics problems, but to equip them with basic physics concepts. Like finance homework solutions, it also equips them with reasoning skills necessary for application of physics concepts.
  • Benefits
·         Tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions materials equip the student with skills to visualize and apply the concepts taught in class to real life situations. One main problem that contributes to failure of students in finance homework solutions, and other courses is the inability to apply or connect the theory taught in class to daily life activities. The activities in
class include listening to the tutor, taking notes and doing practicals. Without active relation of the theory with daily activities, the students find it hard to understand, and appreciate the concepts
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  • Like finance homework solutions, it aids to improve on the masterly of concepts in physics through a structured approach to otherwise difficult topics. Through a series of pre-sets, worksheet and a take-homes assignment, a tutor is able to reinforce the content taught in class. Each of these sections is formulated to arouse pre-conceptions.
  • The discussion section of tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions aids the students in developing team work skills, learning to work in groups where people have diverse backgrounds and opinions, all for common goal. This training fosters more beneficial partnership later in college and the workplace.
  • Tutorial Structure-The tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions constitute a structure of;
·         Quizzes. These pretests usually contain questions based on work already done in class. This work is however not covered in the tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions material. The purpose of these tests is to furnish the tutor with details on the student’s level of understanding on the subject under study. It also helps the students in gauging what they do not understand and the content of the future lessons.
·         Worksheets. They consist of a set of tasks and questions like in finance homework solutions. However, the students are allowed to discuss with their peers on the possible answers to the questions. The tutor on the other hand, rather than offer lecture, offers assistance on the probable answers through asking a set of carefully formulated questions.
·         Assignments. This section is mean to emphasize what has been learnt in the tutorials in introductory physics homework solutions materials.

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